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Banner-001 High Efficient Human iPSC

Human iPSC

A large ammount of undifferentiated, healthy control human induced pluripotent stem cells (HiPSC) available for rapid differentiation of your stem cell culture and downstream analysis

Human Neural Progenitors

Human Neural Progenitors Cells

High-quality, ready-to-use human iPSC-derived neural progenitor cells (NPCs) for any neural progentiation (astrocytes, cortical, midbrain or interneuron) and downstream analysis.

Excitatory Cortical Neurons

Human Excitatory Cortical Neurons

Different layers of cortical neurons mix with astrocytes and high levels of synaptic and VGLUT1 expressions (>2 million cells/vial for easy culture and downstream analysis

Cerebral Organoids

Human Cerebral Organoid

Human iPSC-derived 3D complex (~3mm) cerebral organoids to high-throughput screening of drugs, toxicity, and disease pathology of neurological disorders (ready to use for your study).

Intestinal Organoids

Human Intestinal Organoid

Human iPSC-dervied 3D complex (~3 mm) intestinal organoids to high-throughput screening of pathogens, drugs, toxicity, and intestinal pathology (ready to use

Human Microgila

Human Microgila

Do you need microglia to study neuron -glial interactions and understand the human brain’s immune system? Use our high-quality, healthy human control iPSC-derived microglia (>1 million cells/vial),

Human Microgila

Myeloid Dendritic Cells

Human iPSC-derived myeloid dendritic cells (DCs) you can have now for genetically engineered DCs-based cancer or T cell therapy study. Our DCs express over 90% CD89+, HLA-DRA+,

Custom-made Organoids

Custom-Made Organoids

We have a patent pending OrGspheroidTM to generate CSF secreting and blood CSF barrier choroid plexus (ChP) organoid or blood-brain barrier (BBB) containing CNS or any other endodermal or mesodermal

Intestinal Organoid Complete Growth Medium

Intestinal Organoid Complete Growth Medium


Neural Complete Growth Medium


Neural Freezing Medium


About Us

NeyroblastGX LLC  (NGL)  is founded in 2020 and based in Murrieta, CA, within Riverside County. Our company’s focus is to develop a next-generation theranostic products for neurodegenerative and infectious diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and COVID-19. We have a platform to provide custom made human organoid culture and genetically engineered cells for studying next-generation theranostic research such as screening drug, toxicity, and disease pathology.

Our team of scientists comes from various range of backgrounds across academia, biotech, and pharma with extensive experience in nutraceutical biomedicine, genetics, neurobiology, drug development, and human stem cell.

NeyroblastGX’s physical location is in the Murrieta Innovation Center (MIC), but the laboratory is located in the heart of the University of California, Riverside (UCR), multidisciplinary research building (MRB), Life Science Incubator. The newly built UCR-MRB Incubator is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and technology where NeyroblastGX scientists innovate next-generation cellular, organoids, and organ-related products.

Our Mission:

To expand our current research and development (R&D) platform with a network of collaborators and partners to find future diagnosis and therapy for life threatening diseases.

Our Vision:

To use bright, talented individuals who could drive medical innovation for improving human health and wellbeing.

Our Philosophy:

We are looking for a smart and simple solution.


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