Theranostics for a next-generation.

We are looking for a smart and simple solution.

About Us

NeyroblastGX LLC (NGL) is founded in 2020 and based in Murrieta, CA, within Riverside County. Our company’s focus is to develop a next-generation theranostic products for neurodegenerative and infectious diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and COVID-19. We also have a platform to provide custom made human organoid culture and genetically engineered cells for screening drug, toxicity, and disease pathology. Our team of scientists comes from various range of backgrounds across academia, biotech, and pharma with extensive experience in nutraceutical biomedicine, genetics, neurobiology, drug development, and human stem cell.

NGLs’ mission

To expand our current research and development (R&D) platform with a network of collaborators and partners to find future diagnosis and therapy for lifethreatening diseases.

Our philosophy

We are looking for a smart and simple solution.  

Our vision

To use bright, talented individuals who could drive medical innovation for improving human health and wellbeing.