Excitatory Cortical Neurons from Human iPSC, NGL-SC001

Catalog Number: NGL-NeuR006
≥ 2 viable cells/vial


Product Overview

Healthy control NGL-NeuR006 excitatory cortical neurons reside primarily in the cerebral cortex and play a vital role in memory, attention, perception, awareness, and consciousness. NGL-NeuR006 excitatory cortical neurons from NGL-SC001 HiPSC line-derived NGL-NPC005 Neural progenitor cells (NPCs)  retain similar genetic backgrounds. NGL-NeuR006 neurons are highly expressed vesicular glutamate transporter 1  (VGLUT1) and cortical markers to ensure excitatory cortical neurons. These cortical neurons are grown and maintained with NGL-hNGM005 neural complete growth media (see related product). NGL-NeuR006 is mycoplasma-free or any contamination-free. One vial of NPCs ( >2 million cells/vial ) contains a large amount of viable excitatory cortical neurons that can be directly used for downstream analysis and/or studying underlying disease mechanisms or drug screening of many neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders specifically affected by excitatory cortical neurons such as Autism spectrum disorder, Fragile X syndrome, Frontotemporal dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. NGL-NeuR006 are optimized to grow in treated 6-well and 12-well plates ( see additional information). NGL-NeuR006 neurons can be cultured on a robust scale, e.g.,  one vial of frozen viable NGL-NeuR006 neurons can have abundant excitatory cortical neurons and astrocytes following our User Guideline of culture and maintenance.

Product Benefits

  • Easy culture routine only using NGL-hNGM005 neural complete growth media, no need for extra steps like an additional kit or costly growth factor for this culture.
  • Naturally grown healthy control human NGL-NPC005 NPCs-derived NGL-NeuR006 excitatory neurons are defined, immune stable, and generated without viral integration, producing highly functional cerebral cortex neurons.
  • Ready-to-use highly characterized NGL-NeuR006 for your downstream analysis.
  • Cost-effective and time-saving for screening drug, toxicity, or underlying disease mechanisms using high-quality NGL-NeuR006 excitatory cortical neurons.
  • Compatible with the same genetic background of the NGL-SC001 HiPSC line, NGL-NPC005 NPCs, microglia, and cerebral organoids to use for various disease mechanisms and compare. See related products from similar backgrounds to your needs.

Storage, Stability, and Biosafety: NGL-NeuR006 is frozen in neural cryopreservation medium (NGL-hNFM005), preformulated with 10% DMSO, providing a safe, protective environment during the freezing, storage, and thawing process for stem-derived NPCs and neurons. NGL-NeuR006 are highly stable in liquid nitrogen (LN2) -130°C or colder and 12 months of date receipt. We strongly recommended storing the NGL-NeuR006 in LN2 to avoid undesirable cell damage or death. Thawed samples must be used immediately.

Caution: Please ensure the sample keeps storing LN2  (-130°C) upon receiving until further use. NeyroblastGX is not responsible if NGL-NeuR006  neurons do not work due to your LN2 temperature being compromised. NGL-NeuR006 is free from viral or harmful pathogen infections. However, this product should treated as potentially hazardous materials and only used in appropriate biosafety level handling procedures such as those described in Biological Safety Level 2.


NGL-NeuR006 AND ITS DERIVED CELL PRODUCT ARE FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY AND ARE NOT INTENDED USE FOR HUMAN OR ANIMAL DIAGNOSTIC OR THERAPEUTIC PURPOSES OR COMMERCIALLY RESALED UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, or purchasing a license for commercial usage please get in touch with NeyroblastGX for this purchase. Please review the terms and conditions for the usage of NGL-NeuR006.


Human NGL-NPC005 NPCs-derived NGL-NeuR006 neuronal culture represents a robust excitatory cortical neuronal morphology with extended processes, as shown in Figure 1.  

Figure 1. NGL-NPC005 NPCs were plated with Gibco’s Vitronectin and treated with NGL-hNGM005 neural complete growth media for 18 days. (A) NGL-NPC005 NPCs dissociated and plated in Gibco’s Vitronectin-coated plate. Dissociated NPCs were attached and expanded on (B) day 2  and (C) day 4, respectively (scale bar 200 µm). (D) Day 8 culture plate was fully confluent with neruons (scale bar 200 µm). (E) On Day 12, the cluster with long projection of neurons appeared (scale bar 50 µm). (F) On Day 18, a large number of excitatory projection neurons observed (Scale bar 50 µm).

NGL-NPC005 NPCs were efficiently differentiated into NGL-NeuR006 excitatory cortical neurons expressing prominent excitatory cortical neuronal marker cells as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2. NGL-NPC005 NPCs-derived NGL-NeuR006 excitatory cortical neuron generation and their marker expression determined by immunocytochemistry. NPCs were cultured upto 18 days with the outcome of a robust amount of (A) neuron-specific cytoskeletal protein markers MAP2 (red, scale bar 200 µm)(B) excitatory neuronal markers β III Tubulin and vesicular glutamate transporter 1 (VGLUT1, red, scale bar 25 µm), and (C-D) β III Tubulin (green) and deep layers of cortical neuronal marker T-Box Brain Transcription Factor 1 (TBR1, red) marker cell expressions (blue = dapi nuclear stain, Scale bar 25 µm).

NGL-NPC005 NPCs-derived NGL-NeuR006 excitatory cortical neuronal cultures also have a large astrocyte population, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3. NGL-NPC005 NPCs efficiently generated NGL-NeuR006 excitatory neurons along with a robust amount of astrocytes with a culture of 3 weeks. (A) NPCs highly differentiated into glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP, green) enriched astrocytes (scale bar 130 µm). Astrocytes spontaneously appeared in excitatory cortical neurons while maintaining culture using NGL-hNGM005 neural complete growth media. (B) Higher magnification showed astrocyte typical morphology of complex spongiform shapes (arrowhead, Blue = Dapi nuclear stain).

User Guideline

Frozen NGL-NeuR006 excitatory cortical neurons should be cultured and maintained with the procedure indicated in the User Guidelines. We will be sent a QR code for “User Guideline” upon ordering the product. QR code is for downloading the digital copy of a detailed procedure for culturing and maintaining the NGL-NeuR006. If you need a paper copy of the User Guidelines, please request it during ordering, and then we can ship it with NGL-NeuR006 frozen vials.

Additional Information

Required Additional Materials

NGL-NeuR006 culture maintenance and characterization will need the following associated materials but not included with our product: