Human Neural Progenitor Cells From Human iPSC, NGL-SC001

Catalog Number: NGL-NPC005
≥ 2 and ≥ 5 million viable cells/vial


Product Overview

Healthy control NGL-SC001 HiPSC line-derived “Neural progenitor cells (NPCs)” are the progenitor cells of the central nervous system (CNS) that give rise to many of the glial and neuronal cell types that populate the CNS to study neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders. The high-quality NGL-NPC005 was cultured on Gibco’s Vitronectin-coated plate and generated via NeyroblastGX in-house neural induction media containing dual inhibition of SMAD signaling inhibitors and maintained with NGL-hNGM005 neuronal maintenance media (see related product). NGL-NPC005 is mycoplasma-free or any contamination-free. One vial of NPCs (>2 million cells/vial) contains large quantities of viable NPCs that can be directly used for downstream analysis and/or long-term culturing for multi-neuronal types of cell generation purposes. NGL-NPC005 NPCs are optimized to grow in treated 6-well and 12-well plates. NGL-SC001 HiPSC line can be cultured on a robust scale, e.g.,  one vial of frozen viable NPCs can produce a large number of neurons and astrocytes following our User Guideline.

Product Benefits

  • NeyroblastGX healthy control NGL-SC001 HiPSC line-derived NGL-NPC005 NPCs can be directly differentiated into excitatory cortical neurons, forebrain, midbrain neurons, astrocytes, and desired neurons of your interest.
  • Naturally grown NGL-NPC005 NPCs are immune stable and generated without viral integration, producing a highly efficient mature CNS population.
  • Ready-to-use highly characterized NGL-NPC005 NPCs intermediate for your downstream analysis.
  • Cost-effective and time-saving to produce desired neurons using high-quality NGL-NPC005 NPCs.
  • Compatible with the same genetic background of NGL-SC001 HiPSC line-derived neurons, microglia, and cerebral organoids to compare and see other products of your need.

Storage, Stability, and Biosafety: NGL-NPC005 NPCs are frozen in NPCs cryopreservation medium (NGL-hNFM005), preformulated with 10% DMSO, providing a safe, protective environment during the freezing, storage, and thawing process for stem-derived NPCs and neurons. NGL-NPC005 NPCs are highly stable in liquid nitrogen (LN2) -130°C or colder and 12 months of date receipt. We strongly recommended storing the NGL-NPC005 NPCs in LN2 to avoid undesirable cell damage or death. Thawed samples must be used immediately.

Caution: Please ensure the sample keeps storing LN2 (-130°C) upon receiving until further use. NeyroblastGX is not responsible if NPCs do not work due to your LN2 temperature being compromised. NGL-NPC005 NPCs are free from viral or harmful pathogen infections. However, this product should treated as potentially hazardous materials and only used in appropriate biosafety level handling procedures such as those described in Biological Safety Level 2.


NGL-NPC005 NPCs AND ITS DERIVED CELL PRODUCT ARE FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY AND ARE NOT INTENDED USE FOR HUMAN OR ANIMAL DIAGNOSTIC OR THERAPEUTIC PURPOSES OR COMMERCIALLY RESALED UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, or you can purchase a license for commercial usage and contact NeyroblastGX for this purchase. Please review the terms and conditions for the usage of NGL-NPC005.


NGL-SC001 HiPSC lines-derived NGL-NPC005 NPCs culture represents a high-quality morphological characteristic of a robust multipotent central nervous system population, as shown in Figure 1.  

Figure 1. NGL-SC001 HiPSC lines were plated with Gibco’s Vitronectin and started to be treated with a neural induction medium once cell confluency reached 100%.  (A) NGL-NPC005 NPCs culture was maintained for ten days with the outcome of neural tube structure and rosettes. (A) A frozen vial of NGL-NPC005 NPCs containing day 10 cells with neural tube (red circle) like rosettes morphology (white dot circle) as shown in the insert image. (B) NGL-NPC005 NPC’s prolonged culture at Day 13 spontaneously differentiated into neurons with long processes (arrowhead). But plating NPC005 NPCs and obtaining uniform culture for your downstream analysis follow user guidelines of this product (Scale bar 500 µm ).

NGL-NPC005 NPCs highly express prominent neural progenitor marker cells of the CNS population, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. NGL-NPC005 NPCs neural progenitor cells characterization with the prominent cell markers. (A) High expression of central nervous system (CNS) neural stem progenitor marker cells SOX2 (red) and Nestin (green) appears, which is determined by immunocytochemistry (ICC). (B) Robust expression of PAX6 (green) and (C) ZO1 (green) starts in neural stem/progenitor cells in the neural tube from initial CNS development and continues postnatal development as observed in NGL-NPC005 NPCs.  (D) Early expression of MAP2 (red) and the nestin (green) in higher amounts was also observed (blue = dapi nuclear stain, Scale bar 100 µm).

NGL-NPC005 NPCs were efficiently differentiated into excitatory cortical neurons, as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3. NGL-NPC005 NPCs-derived excitatory cortical neuron generation and their marker expression determined by immunocytochemistry. NPCs were cultured for three weeks with the outcome of a robust amount of (A) neuron-specific cytoskeletal protein markers MAP2 (red, scale bar 200 µm)(B) excitatory neuronal markers β III Tubulin and vesicular glutamate transporter 1 (VGLUT1, red, scale bar 25 µm), and (C-D) β III Tubulin (green) and deep layers of cortical neuronal marker T-Box Brain Transcription Factor 1 (TBR1, red) marker expressions (blue = dapi nuclear stain, Scale bar 25 µm).

NGL-NPC005 NPCs can effectively differentiate into forebrain neurons, as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4. NGL-NPC005 NPCs effectively generated forebrain neurons with a culture of 2 weeks. NPCs-derived neurons express (A) β III Tubulin (green, scale bar 50 µm)  and (B) microtubule-associated protein 2 (MAP2, red) and Glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP, green) at higher levels.  Blue = dapi nuclear stain, Scale bar 50 µm

NGL-NPC005 NPCs efficiently differentiated into astrocytes on a large scale , as shown in Figure 5.  

Figure 5. NGL-NPC005 NPCs efficiently generated a robust amount of (A) astrocytes with a culture of  3 weeks. (A) NPCs highly differentiated into Glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP, green) markers cells (scale bar 130 µm) and (B) higher magnification showed astrocyte typical morphology of complex spongiform shapes (arrowhead Blue = dapi nuclear stain).

User Guideline

Frozen NGL-NPC005 NPCs should be cultured and maintained with the procedure indicated in the User Guidelines. We will be sent a QR code for “User Guideline” upon ordering the product. QR code is for downloading the digital copy of a detailed procedure for culturing and maintaining the NGL-NPC005 NPCs. If you need a paper copy of the User Guidelines, please request it during ordering, and then we can ship it with NGL-NPC005 NPCs frozen vials.

Additional Information

Required Additional Materials

NGL-NPC005 NPCs culture maintenance and characterization will need the following associated materials but not included with our product: