Cell Lines

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Stem Cell

Different layers of cortical neurons mix Stem cells are unspecialized human cells that can differentiate into specialized cell types. Stem cells can differentiate range from muscle cells to brain cells.

Human Organoids

An Artificially grown 3D mass that resembles the tissue complexity of human organs. Organoids are simple tissue-engineered cell-based in vitro models that recapitulate many aspects


Cell imaging, such as live or fixed cell imaging, is a powerful analytical tool for studying cell biology, neurobiology, and pharmacology. Fluorescence microscopy is a powerful approach

Genome Editing

Gene knockdown is the reduction of gene expression in an organism. It can either happen by chemical agents or genetic modification. Gene knockdown can be complete or

Immuno/Biochemical Assays

Immunoassays are part of the biochemical assays that detect disease and non disease biomarkers using the antigen-antibody reaction principle. It aims at measuring the presence and concentration of

Molecular Biology Assays

An assay that generates data about the presence, abundance, structure, function, or activity of biological molecules or a process that occurs at a molecular level of granularity. Southern or northern blot

Drug And Toxicity Screening

 Toxicity testing is a vital step in developing and approving chemical compounds for clinical trials and use for humans. However, current model systems often fail to predict human

Disease Modeling

Organoids are human stem cell or adult tissue-derived in vitro 3D organ models and allow the study of biological processes, such as cell behavior, tissue repair, and response to drugs or mutations, in an