Terms and Conditions 


NGL-SC001 human induced pluripotent stem cells (HiPSCs) and their modified or unmodified derivatization or differentiated cells from the product, including purified or fractionated subset of the product, can be used only for  RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PURPOSES including discovery research as well as research useful for the characterization of diagnostic or therapeutic products but excluding any research involving administration of material (cells or derivatization product) in human subjects or animals for therapeutic, diagnostic or prophylactic purposes. HiPSC or their differentiated cells cannot be used in human clinical applications, cell therapy, transplantation, and/or regenerative medicines. 

In avoidance of any doubt, NGL-SC001 HiPSCs product and their derived products (purified or a fractioned subset of the product) may not be resold or used for any other monetization or commercial purposes, including but not limited to for the manufacture of related products, including culture medium and equipment for sale, or perform services or supply products or rights, the generation of royalties, revenues, sales or any other monetary gain purposes. Furthermore, NGL-SC001 purified and their derived, modified, or fractionated products may not be used for generating antibodies, synthesized proteins, or peptides for selling purposes or any commercialization or monetarization purposes except for target discovery, validation, or assay development. NGL-SC001 HiPSCs and their derivative product may grant a license for the prohibited uses as stated in the Terms and Conditions. Please get in touch with support@neyroblastgx.com for more information about purchasing a license. NeyroblastGX LLC’s PRODUCTS ARE STRICTLY PERMITTED FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN OR ANIMAL DIAGNOSTIC OR THERAPEUTIC USES UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. Copyright © 2023 NeyroblastGX – All Rights Reserved. Cat# NGL-SC001 and its related products or derived product (Cat# NGL-COr003, Cat# NGL-GIOr004, Cat# NGL-NPC005, Cat# NGL-NeuR006) data (graph, images, and others) rights reserved by NeyroblastGX LLC. Additional information on each product provided a recommendation to use other companies’ material that might benefit your culture or downstream analysis. All the other companies’ materials must be purchased according to their “Terms and Conditions,” and these companies reserve copyright for their products.” If you have any questions or wish to learn about the quality of NeyroblastGX LLC products, please get in touch via email (support@neyroblastgx.com).